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Color Inspirations (Fat Lady) (Spanish Edition) - Aitana Lleonart
por amazon.com
$ 26,45
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Aitana Lleonart:

Color Inspirations (Fat Lady) (Spanish Edition) - encuadernado, tapa blanda

2020, ISBN: 8492731745

[SR: 21697852], Hardcover, [EAN: 9788492731749], Prosperous, Prosperous, Book, [PU: Prosperous], Prosperous, Rare book, 505092, Equipment, Techniques & Reference, 2025, Color, 2028, Darkr… Más…

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Color Inspirations. - Lleonart, Aitana
por booklooker.de
€ 6,00
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Lleonart, Aitana:

Color Inspirations. - encuadernado, tapa blanda

2010, ISBN: 9788492731749

595 S., Ill. OPp., gebundene Ausgabe. En./Dt./Fr./Holl./Span./It./No.: Einband etwas berieben/ leicht angeschmutzt, ansonsten sehr gut erh. ISBN: 9788492731749, DE, [SC: 5.00], gebraucht … Más…

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Color Inspirations (Fat Lady)
por booklooker.de
€ 40,49
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Color Inspirations (Fat Lady) - encuadernado, tapa blanda


ISBN: 9788492731749

[ED: Gebundene Ausgabe], [PU: Frechmann Kolon Gmbh], Gebraucht - Sehr gut Ungelesene Retoure aus dem Handel in Bestzustand - -, DE, [SC: 1.50], wie neu, gewerbliches Angebot, 595, [GW: 4… Más…

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Color Inspirations (Fat Lady)
por AbeBooks.de
€ 20,88
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Color Inspirations (Fat Lady) - encuadernado, tapa blanda

2012, ISBN: 8492731745

ID: 17016846388

[EAN: 9788492731749], Neubuch, [PU: Frechmann Kolon Gmbh], Brand new book. Fast shipping form our UK warehouse in eco-friendly packaging. Fast, efficient and friendly customer service.

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Color Inspirations - None
por AbeBooks.de
€ 77,21
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Color Inspirations - libro nuevo

ISBN: 8492731745

ID: 30216655414

[EAN: 9788492731749], Neubuch, This is Brand NEW.

NEW BOOK. Gastos de envío: EUR 14.50

  - University Bookstore, DELHI, DELHI, India [53546738] [Rating: 4 (von 5)]

Detalles del libro
Color Inspirations

HardCover Pub Date: 2010 Jun Pages: 600 in Publisher: LOFT of The use of color.in any artistic discipline.is one of the most complex tasks.as it not only serves a decorative purpose; it is also used to convey an intention and certain aesthetic effects.In addition.there is the psychological factor.considering that a color.and even shades of a color.can trigger certain feelings and this can have a decisive impact on how a person perceives a space or object.The psychology of color analyses and emonstrates the relationship between color and the emotions it triggers and the modds it creates.Red.for example.is associated with strength.vitality and sensuality. use of color. for any artist. is one of the most the complexity of the work. Not only does it play a decorative role. but also aesthetic. In addition. from the psychological factors to consider. different color. shape and col...

Detalles del libro - Color Inspirations

EAN (ISBN-13): 9788492731749
ISBN (ISBN-10): 8492731745
Tapa dura
Tapa blanda
Año de publicación: 2010
Editorial: Frechmann Kolon GmbH
595 Páginas
Peso: 4,436 kg
Idioma: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9788492731749

ISBN - escritura alterna:
84-92731-74-5, 978-84-92731-74-9

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